NIDA Lacan Study and Reading Group

Date/Time: 21 Mar 2018 - 31 Dec 2018

The Lacan Reading Group gather every month to study Lacan’s principle theories and their application to a broader understanding of texts, art, drama, literature, philosophy, and aesthetics.

In its regular two-hour forums, the group will create a space where the learning, discussion and transmission of Lacan’s works became part of ongoing global scholarly debates. Post-structuralist responses to Lacanian theory, especially by Kristeva, Irigaray, Cixious, Derrida, Foucault, Delueze and Guattary, and Butler (and so on in a multidisciplinary context) are part of the group’s research interest areas. The group is open to all and recommended for postgraduate students across humanities, writers and artists, and academics interested in Lacan and his theories.

The Lacan Reading Group is run by Dr Ehsan Azari, who teaches a postgraduate course for students of Master of Fine Arts (Writing for Performance) at NIDA.


Our next meeting is on Wed 21 March, 6–8pm
Lacan and the Theory of Four Discourses
Course materials will be available soon

6–8pm monthly, always on a Wednesday.
The next month's date is selected as a group at the end of each lecture which will be published on this page
Tutorial Room 3, NIDA
Attendance is free and open to all with no booking required


For any queries, please contact Dr Ehsan Azari via or 0402 440 637.

Past Materials

December 2017Lacan on Sexuation
November 2017The Gaze and Picture
October 2017Negation: Between Freud and Hyppolite
September 2017The Mirror Stage and Negation
August 2017Lacan's Conceptual Aporias
July 2017Religion and its Triumph
March 2017The Imaginary: Field of Specular, Lure, Seduction & Alienation
February 2017Interpassivity
January 2017The Logic of Fantasy