Date/Time: 28 Oct 2020 - 12 Dec 2020

Welcome to EXPONIDA 2020 ‘Liveness’, a stunning showcase of NIDA’s graduating students! As Australia’s leading centre for education and training in the performing arts, NIDA offers unparalleled opportunities for students to collaborate across all disciplines involved in creating live productions.

Free and open to the public, in a COVID-safe environment, EXPONIDA is a celebration of the innovation and creativity of the Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts students in Costume, Design for Performance (BFAMFA), DirectingProperties and Objects, Technical Theatre and Stage ManagementVoice, and Writing for Performance.

EXPONIDA is a testament to the growth of our students through the interdisciplinary and collaborative learning environment at NIDA, where the rigorous, every day practice of performance-making creates the artists of tomorrow.

NIDA students are given opportunities to experience their chosen industry firsthand through award-winning staff, mentors and internships with leading Australian and international artists, performing arts, events and entertainment companies.