NIDA acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we learn and tell stories, the Bidjigal people. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

We also wish to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across this country's sacred homelands, and in particular, students and other First Nations members of the NIDA community.

Directors' and Designers' Graduating Productions

Date/Time: 12 Dec 2018 -15 Dec 2018 7pm - 7pm

Join us for a series of daring new short works by Australia's next generation of directors and set and costume designers.

All shows run for approximately 45 minutes.

Single show tickets: $15 ($12 concession)
3-show season pass: $32 ($28 concession)

Big Blue Sky
Based on the book by Peter Garrett
Directed and adapted by Christopher Thomson
Set and Costume Design by Aislinn King
Studio Theatre
9pm 12-15 December and 3pm 15 December
Big Blue Sky is a rock musical adaptation of Peter Garrett’s autobiography, set to the music of Midnight Oil.

Delta Sierra Juliet
Created by Darcy Green, Elliot Vella, and Jackson Used
Directed by Darcy Green
Set and Costume Design by Olivia Rowlands
Reg Grundy Studio
7pm 12-15 December and 1pm 15 December
Based on true events surrounding the mysterious 1978 disappearance of Frederick Valentich; Delta Sierra Juliet is a new Australian work dealing with loss, grief and our obsession with the unknown. Are we alone?
This show is a sonic immersive experience involving the use of headphones

Devised by Tait de Lorenzo and Shannon Dooley
Directed by Tait de Lorenzo
Set and Costume Design by Camille Ostrowsky
Dramaturg Jules Patey
7pm 12-15 December and 1pm 15 December
DIANA is an original live cinema production inspired by Princess Diana’s iconic Panorama TV interview. A glimpse into the private life of The People’s Princess.

Based on Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler
Adapted and directed by Mikala Westall
Set and Costume Design by Kate Beere
Studio Theatre
8pm 12-15 December and 2pm 15 December
In a bold new staging of a classic, Hedda shines a light on a character who has been labelled 'degenerate, morbid, bitter, something of a visionary, something of a lunatic.'

LULU: A Modern Sex Tragedy
Inspired by Frank Wedekind’s Lulu
Directed and adapted by Claudia Osborne
Set and Costume Design by Kelsey Lee
Dramaturgy by Thomas De Angelis 
9pm 12-15 December and 3pm 15 December
Trapped inside Pandora’s Box, Lulu is whatever you want her to be.
Lulu is mother, child, wife, object, beauty, muse and mistress.
A bold new work exploring fantasy and desire.

Le Mariage Forcé
Written by Molière
Directed by Ellen Wiltshire
Set and Costume Design by Lucy McCullough
Studio Theatre
7pm 12-15 December and 1pm 15 December
How can the aged bridegroom be certain that his intended truly loves him and not another? As comically relevant today as it was in 1664.

Wake in Fright
Adapted by Samuel Lucas Allen from the screenplay by Evan Jones
Directed and adapted by Samuel Lucas Allen
Set and Costume Design by Brianna Russell
8pm 12-15 December and 2pm 15 December
Inspired by the cult classic, Wake In Fright is the story of an arrogant man, who trapped in the country town of the Yabba, is destroyed by the outback and himself.

We Are Gods
Devised by Riley Spadaro with the Company
Directed by Riley Spadaro
Set and Costume Design by Grace Deacon
Reg Grundy Studio
9pm 12-15 December and 3pm 15 December
I feel like the blemishes are mine by choice, which, of course, they aren’t.
He sits staring at a white wall trying to make it blue. He hasn’t been sleeping well.
He’s been having dreams about legs in pink stockings again. Boy’s legs. In pink
stockings. Again.
We Are Gods
is part love story, part homoerotic fever dream.
Suitable for adult audiences. This performance may contain nudity and violent themes.