Top tips for communicating at the end of the year

13 December

There are a few simple tools that can help us power through to the end of the year, when we’re able to take it easy on that wonderful vacation we’ve been dreaming about.

Five influential communication techniques you’ll learn at NIDA Corporate’s Masterclass at Future of Work 2017

7 November

NIDA Corporate’s Art of Leadership workshop at Future of Work 2017 is designed to introduce you to the practical techniques that actors utilise to influence and engage their audience.

Six tips to improve the delivery of your next webinar

1 November

No matter how hi-tech your videoconferencing system is, or how much you’ve honed your content into an information-packed piece, without proper delivery of the webinar and some forethought given to how you present your content online, you may not be maximising results.

How to radiate charisma

13 September

Learning how to be charismatic is no different to learning a musical instrument or a sport. Of course there will always be those who have the benefit of an innate ability, but with the right techniques and practice anyone can learn the skill. Ultimately, charisma is as un-mystical and straightforward as learning how to be the best version of yourself.

Creating a culture of change

1 August

Having opened our doors in one of the most liveable cities, NIDA Melbourne invited two individuals from the community sector into courses which were suited to their professional needs: a senior manager in a leadership position for a globally renowned not-for-profit, and an intern just entering the professional world with a local creative organisation.

Empowering the social economy

6 July

To acknowledge the good people from the social enterprises Thankyou Aus and TOM Organic for the many ways in which they contribute to meaningful work and business in the region, we gave away complimentary passes to our one-day Presenting with Confidence course to two women at mid-management level who are shaping the social economy in Melbourne.

Seven things you should consider before delivering bad news

5 July

Unfortunately there is no foolproof method for delivering bad news but there are certainly helpful behaviours you can adopt to promote a more positive outcome.

NIDA’s Dr Suzanne Osmond reports on her Northern sabbatical

3 July

Nine weeks, three conferences, two research seminars, one public lecture, one presentation, 7,540 words, 15,191kilometres, 854 photographs and -7 degrees. NIDA’s Graduate Course Convenor Dr Suzanne Osmond takes us through her recent research sabbatical.

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