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Aiden Ossovani

Aiden OssovaniAiden comes from the Gold Coast but he’s terrible at surfing. He completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Bond University, majoring in film, philosophy and journalism. Meanwhile, he spent most of his free time volunteering at Spotlight Theatrical Company as a member of the Production Committee. He calls himself a writer, but he’s also worn many other hats including director, actor, singer, bass player, designer, editor, videographer, and he once tried a cowboy hat but thought it was a bit much.

At NIDA, Aiden had the opportunity to delve into his writing and explore exciting new forms of storytelling. He was lucky enough to work with award-winning director Leticia Cáceres on the production of SIX, which was part of NIDA’s Digital Theatre Festival. He co-wrote a short script, which was developed into a short film by properties student, Rhyanna Martinussen. And he got the chance to devise theatre pieces with Kylie Harris’s company, Midnight Feast.

Aiden looks forward to a thrilling career in the arts industry, and might take some surfing lessons if he feels like it.

NIDA Productions
SIX - Writer
Sex Cult Following - Writer

Other Productions
The Bodyguard: The Musical (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Visual Designer
Pinocchio: The Pantomime (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Assistant Director, Sound Designer
Avenue Q (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Nicky
Kelly (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Sound Designer
Spark and the Crystal Crusade (Spotlight Theatrical Company and Tamborine Mountain Little Theatre) - Writer/Director
Not the Messiah He’s A Very Naughty Boy (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Featured Baritone
Scallywags (Tamborine Mountain Little Theatre) - Sound Designer
Heathers: The Musical (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Ram’s Dad/Coach Ripper
Planet of the Nebulons (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Writer/Director
Breast Wishes (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Audiovisual Designer
The Boy from Oz (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Assistant Director
The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Nick McGowan
The Wizard of Oz (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Mayor of Munchkinland
Legally Blonde: The Musical (Spotlight Theatrical Company) - Aaron Schultz

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