NIDA acknowledges the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the sacred lands, from the mountains to the sea, on which we learn and tell stories.

The lands of the Bidjigal, Gadigal, Dharawal and Dharug peoples. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past and present.

  • Trillian Vieira
  • Trillian Vieira
  • Trillian Vieira
  • Trillian Vieira

Trillian Vieira

Trillian Vieira
Trillian looks to art for the way it challenges how humans share empathy with one another. She believes to be malleable in our industry, you have to understand the different cultures who have a part in making it blossom, and therefore has developed a growing interest in traveling as an element of her career. The quote: ‘to get a share of the human heart from all the different people I play,’ suits her artistic motives best.

Trillian’s leap into the arts started at the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics in Washington, USA; an arts magnet school where she developed her skills in theatre, tech theatre, photography, and film before traveling abroad to NIDA to further her studies in the BFA (Technical Theatre and Stage Management) course.

Taking her next leap into the industry, Trillian’s passion has grown for sound design and engineering, hoping to learn more about immersive audio, live mixing, playback engineering, studio recording, etc. As she expands her career, she wishes to develop into an all rounder sense of employment, hoping to never let go of stage management, lighting, video, and the bigger adventure, that is each production and its crew.

Instagram: @RaindropMittens

NIDA Productions
Metamorphosis - Sound Designer and FOH Engineer
Raise The Curtain NIDA Fundraiser Event - Stage Manager
Icarus -  Sound Designer and Systems
Diploma of Musical Theatre Showcase 2020 - Stage Manager
The Government Inspector - Head Electrician
Aerobicide: A Killer Workout, Annual NIDA Magic Show - Set Electrics Design and Technician
LUNACY - Director of Photography, Visual Content (Video) Designer, Video Editor, Camera Call and Vision Mixer, Pre-record Lighting Designer
Faust - Sound Designer and Systems
Goldilocks - Assistant Stage Manager
House Of The Centipede - Co Sound Designer
Roberto Zucco - Fly Operator

Other Productions
The Nutcracker (Columbia Dance) - Lighting and Sound Operator
Shore Of Memory - Scenic Designer
Pirates Of Penzance - Scenic Designer and Lighting Assistant
The Dectective Club (Children’s Theatre) - Stage Manager

Michael Cassel Group - HAMILTON - Sound Design and Engineering 
Belvoir - FANGIRLS - Stage Management 
Electronic Creatives (including Cages DTLA) - Playback Engineering/Production

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