Alloquois Callaway-Hoilman

AlloquoisAlloquois is an American-born, Sydney-based costume maker and supervisor. She began her education in the arts in high school, where she worked backstage on student and school productions.

After high school, Alloquois decided to further her education in the theatrical arts by moving to Australia and attending NIDA. At NIDA Alloquois has had the opportunity to expand her skill set to include supervisory roles, such as the ones she held on Roundabout and Orlando, as well as expanding her making skills to include talents such as millinery, shoemaking and leatherwork. Alloquois has also worked on outside productions, such as Alex Proyas’ The Mask of the Evil Apparition, on which she operated as assistant costume standby.

Alloquois is looking forward to exploring a range of roles in the industry, as well as making the most of her dual citizenship to take her work to the next level both in Australia and overseas.

Instagram: @quoiskid

Orlando - Costume Supervisor/Maker
Roundabout - Costume Supervisor
A Pox on Both Your Houses - Costume Maker
Amelie - Costume Supervisor
When Vampires Shop - Costume Supervisor
Twelfth Night - Costume Maker
Chekov project with second-year Acting students - Menswear Tailor
The Way of the World - Costume Assistant/Menswear Tailor
Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown - Milliner
Venus in Fur - Costume Assistant

The Mask of the Evil Apparition - Assistant Costume Standby

Hamlet (Bell Shakespeare) - Workroom Assistant/Buyer

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