Kira-Che Heelan

Kira-Che Perth born and raised, Kira-Che took to the stage at the age of 10 with a spectacular rendition of The White Rabbit, complete with authentic rabbit twitching (thanks to stage fright). She quickly immersed herself in all things theatre, writing riveting scripts accompanied by psychotic clowns, performing to anyone willing to sit long enough, and of course, sending letters to movie actors with important questions like: will I ever have to dye my hair?

By the time Kira-Che was in high school, she became solely interested in exploring and creating theatre. She took to devising and staging projects with self-made ensembles and became a member of a theatre company which she performed with for little over a year.

During this time Kira-Che developed her love of collaborative process, which has become the foundation for the work she likes to make and contribute to. During her time at NIDA, Kira-Che’s work evolved to include activism within collaboration. She has a deep passion for purpose-driven work that engages with and questions its own impact.

Kira-Che is excited to enter the industry and to work with a large array of artists to create work, create community and create an impact.

Roles played at NIDA
Goldilocks - Candace
Roberto Zucco - Mother/Madam/Elegant Lady
The Women - Sylvia/Countess DeLage
The Way of The World - Millamant
Three Sisters - Masha
Richard III - Tyrell/Duchess of York
Antigone - Ismene

Showreel written and directed by Guy Edmonds & Matt Zeremes

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