Lachlan Hogan

Lachlan Hogan

Lachlanʼs interest and passion for theatre and events began in year six, working as Lighting Assistant on his first school production. He was heavily involved in his schoolʼs performing arts program, playing the trumpet from year four right through to year 11.

After designing his first school production, The Wizard of Oz, Lachlanʼs commitment, drive and willingness to perform, not only onstage but back stage, got him accepted into Australiaʼs leading dramatic arts institution, NIDA.

Since starting NIDA, Lachlan has developed a wide range of skills in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Technical Theatre and Stage Management). However, it is his love and desire for lighting design and lighting programming that has allowed him to become an-up-and coming figure in his budding career in the performing arts. He aspires to be a recognised leading Lighting Designer in Australia, with an appetite to explore new light mediums, properties and unique and unorthodox lighting designs for performance.

Lachlan, who is already a casual Lighting Technician at Australiaʼs most successful and largest theatre company, Sydney Theatre Company, hopes to build a network of professionals and colleagues with whom he can collaborate and learn how to specialise and perfect his craft of creating powerful, passionate distinctive lighting designs.

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