Jessie Spencer

Jessie Spencer

Prior to NIDA, Jessie undertook a combined Bachelor of Arts Theory/Art degree at University of New South Wales, with a particular interest in avant-garde film and modernist performance practices.

Wanting a more comprehensive understanding of some of the art and ideas sheʼd been introduced to in her studies, she moved to London in 2013 and spent the year exploring the theatre and art scene both within London and throughout Europe. Seeking a hands-on knowledge of art making, Jessie returned to Australia to study woodwork and fine furniture making at Sturt School for wood, a craft school in the Southern Highlands. While there, she was introduced to a range of makers working across various mediums, whose work provoked her interest in expanding her own body of knowledge across different materials and techniques.

Jessie applied to NIDA with the desire to combine her interests in both making and theatre. During her studies, she has had the opportunity to explore and refine her practice.

She has been particularly drawn to both puppet-making, as well as the use of digital modelling and fabrication as a collaborative partner in an iterative design process and the subsequent manufacturing of complex forms, which was an area of exploration within her final year research project.

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