Adelle Kristensen

Adelle Kristensen

Adelleʼs early endeavours lay mainly in a world of two-dimensional art, with a pencil or paint brush in hand. In 2011, she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons First Class) through Elam Art School at University of Auckland, New Zealand.

While working as a picture framer and art laminator, Adelle began furthering her scope to include three-dimensional making, undertaking short community night classes in lead lighting and jewellery. It was Adelleʼs relentless pursuit to broaden her knowledge and skillset, that resulted in her moving across the ditch to study a BFA (Properties and Objects) at NIDA.

While at NIDA, Adelle delved into a range of materials and disciplines, often finding herself balancing the traditional methods of craftsmanship alongside the advantages of technology.

Adelle strives for a hands-on approach to making; whether it be problem-solving larger functional production props, detailed replica items, or standalone objects of Fine Art.

While NIDA has taught Adelle much, she is eager to see what future endeavours will reveal in her career as a maker.

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