Sunny Grace

Sunny Grace

Sunny has always lived a double life.

As a child she was a hippie at home and a nerd at school.

In her teenage years she was nerd by day and rebellious party girl by night sneaking out of her bedroom window to hang out in Gothic nightclubs in Adelaide.

In her early twenties her days were spent as an anxious student completing a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Media Studies while at night she danced the night away in nightclubs.

In her late twenties and thirties she juggled the roles of professional career woman working in the film industry and devoted wife and mother. She fully embraced the role of the Superwoman: wife, mother, businesswoman. It is no wonder she had a nervous breakdown in her early forties and finally found the courage to follow her dream of being a writer. She wrote her first script at age eleven about the Tooth Fairy and had a radio play produced when she was nineteen. Since then she has secretly been writing but not showing it to the world until arriving at NIDA and undertaking the Master of Fine Arts (Writing for Performance). She aims to spend the rest of her life continuing her double life theme by being a writer and a rebel. Her passion is to write texts that make people think about how we treat each other and our world, about humanity and equality.



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