Mark Orosa Uy

Mark Uy

A University of Sydney Arts/Law graduate, classical pianist and state fencing champion, Mark has previously worked in public international law, as a model in Asia and for NGOs overseas. He now dedicates his talents to a career in making films. Growing up with a family across three continents, Mark’s upbringing was marked by travel and a sense of a world that was connected and culturally diverse. Fluent in Spanish and Japanese and having worked as a screen actor overseas, Mark sees an international career in the film industry. He will take his first feature film, 27, to the Hong Kong and Asian film market.

As a young Asian-Australian with mixed heritage and a great love of European and Asian cinema, Mark has a distinct vision for film. He creates, outward focused, big picture screenplays that connect Asian and Western ideas, visuals and artistry for a global audience. He infuses this aesthetic in all his work including his short film submission for Tropfest this year which he will write and direct. All of his work is marked by strong aesthetics reflecting his broad knowledge of fashion and music. These qualities will aid his ambition to direct a future James Bond film. Also passionate about animation, Mark has commissioned and directed a full-colour manga visualisation of his first film, the gritty and stylish coming-of-age story, 27.


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