Ally Burnham

Ally Burnham

As fondly reminded by her parents, Ally’s passion for writing began at a young age when short stories could often be found occupying the minimal memory space of her father’s floppy disk drives.

Ally first made her mark when she was selected for the Sydney Theatre Company’s Young Playwrights Residency Program in 2011. After a taste in the theatre world, she moved to Brisbane to obtain her degree in Film and Screen Media Production from the Griffith Film School.

In early 2013, Ally received her first feature film credit after co-writing Nice Package, a comedy-gangster film produced by 18 Degrees Entertainment. From there, Ally won the writers position in the Australia-wide young filmmakers competition, The Shoot, hosted by NIDA and Samsung. The project saw the creation of the short film The Pilgrim Report, written by Ally under the guidance of Baz Luhrmann. The film premiered at the Sydney Opera House during its 40th Anniversary Celebrations.

She received her Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production in 2014 with her graduate short film 2.0, a piece which she went on to write and direct after surviving a competitive pitching process. The film is now celebrating a fruitful festival run, appearing in competition at four North American film festivals.

When Ally graduates from NIDA she will focus on film and television, taking her screenplays out into the world for production.


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