Jasper Turner

Jasper Turner

Introduced to horror from a very early age, Jasper has always had a passion for the beasts and demons that skulk within the silver screen. Particularly interested in sculptural mediums, he practised ceramic art throughout his adolescence. Inspired by Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws, he won the 2012 Old Scholar’s Art Prize (The Friends’ School, Hobart) for his exhibition of ceramic shark busts and coral sculptures.

Jasper stumbled across NIDA’s Properties and Objects course after arduously researching the creature effects industry. With a background in farm labour, sculpture and car restoration, he has sought to greatly expand his ability in more appropriate skill sets for the industry. Fuelling a passion in mechanisms and digital realisation he has focused his energy in these two fields towards his culminating masterwork project.

NIDA has been the perfect opportunity to create a broad range of interesting props, including, but not limited to; mirrored Greek sculptures, severed genitalia and nightmarish insectoid masks.

 In the future Jasper hopes to tick all the major horror and science fiction franchises from his bucket list as a monster maker.

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