The Conservatoire

The NIDA Conservatoire: A Unique Learning Experience

Learn at Australia’s leading dramatic arts education institution - and one of the world’s top ten drama schools! The Hollywood Reporter’s international ranking places NIDA in the top echelons, along with London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and New York’s Juilliard School.

NIDA is recognised as one of the world’s best dramatic art conservatoires, and is the leading dramatic arts conservatoire in Australia. The NIDA Conservatoire offers programs in acting, costume, cultural leadership, design, directing, props, scenic construction, technical theatre & stage management, voice and writing for performance.  Industry engagement and collaborative student learning are core ingredients of a NIDA course, with graduates from the past 60 years enjoying highly successful careers in Australia and around the world.

The NIDA Conservatoire is integral to Australian culture, which values professional dramatic artists who can create performances and tell stories with heart, integrity and sophistication for local and global communities.  NIDA’s leading role in conservatoire-style teaching of the dramatic and performing arts is acknowledged by the Australian Federal Government, with funding to support the NIDA Conservatoire programs from the Department of Communications and the Arts as part of the Arts8 (eight organisations leading in the provision of arts education to prepare graduates for entry to arts industries).

Our purpose

We ignite the creativity of emerging dramatic artists by empowering them through conservatoire learning to become sought-after practitioners and change-makers in a global environment.

Our commitment

We bring together inspirational experts to create transformational experiences through the dramatic arts.

Join the NIDA Conservatoire

Learn specialised disciplines in the dramatic arts from master practitioners
The NIDA Conservatoire provides a challenging and safe learning environment for emerging artists to study specialised disciplines with current professionals who are masters of their craft.  At NIDA we value traditional crafts; we embrace the contemporary; and we lead in innovation and experimentation. The NIDA Conservatoire consists of four Centres of Discipline.

The Centre for Acting

Delivers the BFA Acting and the MFA Voice, with a team of master practitioners in acting, improvisation, movement, music, scene work and voice.
Director: John Bashford

The Centre for Creative Practices

Delivers the MFA Cultural Leadership, MFA Directing, MFA Writing for Performance, as well as the Common Subjects for BFA (such as Performance & Ideas) and Common Subjects for MFA (such as Generating Research through Practice).
Director: Dr Egil Kipste

The Centre for Design Practices

Delivers the BFA and MFA Design for Performance, BFA Costume, BFA Properties & Objects and BFA Scenic Construction & Technologies.
Director: Dr Julie Lynch

The Centre for Technology, Production & Management

Delivers the BFA Technical Theatre & Stage Management, with a team of master practitioners in technology, sound design, lighting and media design, production and stage management.
Director: Graham Henstock

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