Unearthing new talent with triple J collaboration

3 October 2019

It’s become a major event on the NIDA calendar as students collaborate with triple J Unearthed artists to create stunning videos for seven emerging Australian bands. The films are directed by MFA (Directing) students with production design by third-year BFA (Design for Performance) students. All students from NIDA’s Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services) and Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services work on the films as part of the screen focus of their course.

Photo: NIDA MFA (Directing) student Flynn Hall working with BFA (Acting) student Sophie Wilde on the set of Daniel Charbel's song. (Photo Lisa Tomasetti)

Photo: NIDA MFA (Directing) student Flynn Hall working on Daniel Charbel's song.(Photo Lisa Tomasetti)

Photo: NIDA MFA (Directing) student Forever Tupou working on Tee Noah's song.(Photo Lisa Tomasetti)

NIDA Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services student Israel Leslie on set (Photo Lisa Tomasetti)

Photo: NIDA Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services student Alexandra Moon on the set of Daniel Charbel's song.(Photo Lisa Tomasetti)

The students and musicians spent months collaborating on the concepts and storylines of the clips, casting actors, editors, extras, researching and reworking locations, studios and backgrounds  and collaborating with guest videographers and cinematographers. Several presentations to NIDA’s Head of Directing and Course Leader Ben Schostakowski, along with Tommy Faith, the Executive Producer for triple j Unearthed, meant that the outcomes were of the highest industry standard.

The clips were previewed at NIDA and then premiered as a broadcast on Rage on ABCTV in September to great acclaim. The project casting included several NIDA actors and alumni and volunteers.

‘The triple j Unearthed/NIDA project is an extraordinary opportunity for our directing and design students to collaborate with talented emerging musicians and produce a fully-realised music video clip,’ said Ben Schostakowski.

‘Considering the limited budget, the teams continue to produce very exciting and creative work. Executive producers from triple j and Rage provide feedback to the teams as they develop their clips which is an incredibly beneficial learning experience and helps prepare them for the industry.’

Check out the videos below.

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Unstable by Hope Wilkins
Directed by Hayden Tonazzi
Designed by Meiko Wong

Why Can’t You Get Better By Yourself? by Treehouses
Directed by Justice Jones
Designed by Hannah Sitters

The Butcher's Wife by Yi-Lynn
Directed by Marco Damghani
Designed by Hamish Elliot

Coming to Australia by Tee-Noah
Directed by Forever Tupou

Robots by Friendless
Directed by Miranda Middleton
Designed by Angus Konsti

River of Neglect by Charbel
Directed by Flynn Hall
Designed by Angela Doherty

It’s All Gravy by Blue Velvet
Directed by Sam Trotman
Designed by Keerthi Subramanyam & Stephanie Dunlop