Sydney Design Festival comes to NIDA

19 February 2019

The 2019 Sydney Design Festival comes to NIDA on 9 March, with stimulating and provocative panel discussions interrogating excellence and access in design for performance in live theatre, film and television across six decades of practice.

The event is part of several across Sydney produced by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, which provide an opportunity to unpack design in all its forms. The Festival explores the processes, functions and narratives within design enterprise and is a chance for audiences to be inspired by the living artists putting design excellence into practice.

Accessing Design is the Sydney Festival theme for 2019, which seeks to promote responsive design that gives voice to diverse Sydney communities, asking designers to broaden the definition of design and expand the dialogue between creative practice, access and inclusivity. Geography, race, gender, and socioeconomic issues will be included in panels and events that bring practitioners, students, teachers and interested guests together.

NIDA’s event, Accessing Design Excellence, interrogates excellence and access in design for performance across six decades of practice, beginning with the 1960s. Leading award-winning members of the design community in Australia will be in attendance to stimulate and provoke discussion.

Award-winning NIDA Director, Centre for Design Practices, Dr Julie Lynch APDG; Course Leader and theatre professional Dr Suzanne Osmond; and set designer and Senior Lecturer Stephen Curtis will lead a panel discussion with outstanding NIDA design alumni Tobhiyah Stone Feller and Sabina Myers.

The sessions provide an opportunity for audience members to hear contributions from several award-winning special guests, for example:

  • Australian theatre director, designer and Artistic Director of Theatre of Image Kim Carpenter AM, APDG;
  • Australian opera and theatre costume and set designer Bill Haycock;
  • Director Jim Sharman;
  • Set, commercial and event designer Eamon D’Arcy;
  • Screen production designer Tim Ferrier APDG;
  • Costume designer Tess Schofield APDG;
  • Opera and theatre set and costume designer Dan Potra;

Contributions from

  • Award-winning screen production designer Deborah Riley APDG;
  • BAFTA award-winning screen production designer Fiona Crombie;​
  • Stage and screen designer Alice Babidge;
  • Theatre, opera and ballet set and costume designer Gabriela Tylesova.

“This event is a unique opportunity for the design community to come together and be inspired by the past and challenged by the future in design for performance. What have we achieved so far, and how will our talents be placed for the future of performance design?” said NIDA Director, Centre for Design Practices, Dr Julie Lynch APDG.  

The event is on 9 March from 10am – 5pm. Tickets are only $10 and available now.