NIDA and ARA Group join to boost opportunities in the performing arts

7 August 2019

NIDA and ARA Group Limited (ARA) have today announced a major partnership to support performing arts education and training in Australia.

The partnership sees ARA defined as Principal Partner for Property Services at Australia’s premier institute for performing arts education. The partnership will benefit NIDA students and provide much-needed funds to support their training, while also providing a student identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander with a scholarship during the period of their studies.

Jennifer Bott AO, Chief Executive Officer of NIDA, said: ‘We’re all excited to welcome ARA to work alongside us in this major partnership. This collaboration enables our students to expand their horizons even further, to experiment and explore within the exceptional educational opportunities offered across all our Bachelor, Masters and Diploma courses. At the same time, we are proud to be able to offer a scholarship to support an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student, which will be particularly crucial if the student needs to relocate to Sydney from regional and remote areas.'

Speaking on behalf of ARA, Edward Federman, Executive Chair and Managing Director, said: ‘Ranked in the world’s top 10 of performing arts education providers, it is an honour to be a partner of NIDA. ARA hopes that our funds can help to provide great opportunities for NIDA students. This partnership will further boost the world-leading resources NIDA provides to their students with ARA facilities services, including but not limited to  electrical, mechanical, building, fire, security, maintenance and cleaning services.’

More information about NIDA Sponsors and Partners here.