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NIDA Women - Gillian Lemon

8 February

In the lead up to International Women’s Day, we sat down with NIDA Open Senior Program Manager, Gillian Lemon, to discuss what the day means to her and how she is helping NIDA students find their artistic voice.

Taking #NewYearNewYou to the next level

31 January

With goals to focus on in our work and personal lives, it’s worth giving some thought to how we can maximise our connections to get where we want to go in 2017.

Is your brain really wired for multi-tasking?

13 December

Q: Tell us about multi-tasking.
A: It doesn’t exist.

Did you leave your communication baggage at the door?

24 October

There is a saying in the theatre ‘leave your baggage at the door’. It means that you are present in the moment and not thinking about the argument you had with your brother/mother/child this morning. It means that you present yourself as a professional and allow yourself to focus on the character’s reality and leave your own problems out of the equation.

Do you have an invisible behaviour?

6 October

Our reactions and what we communicate – through our body language, voice, and actions – can drastically influence the outcome of a situation, and many of our reactions are instinctive – we make an ‘invisible’ decision to react in certain ways depending on the situation.

An Artist’s Top Five Tips to Surviving Sydney Fringe Festival

15 September

Start early, be brave, market yourself, ask for help and enjoy the ride.

The Great Australian Blight

5 September

When it comes to speaking in public or being effective in the business world, we can fail dismally without even realising!  Those filler words make us seem underconfident, undecided and unprepared.

What do I do with my hands?

3 August

The power of gesture is extraordinary. We decipher meaning from gestures every waking moment of our personal and professional lives. Gestures can almost entirely influence the way we interpret what someone is trying to say.

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