NIDA Open HSC Drama Performance courses return for 2018

8 February 2018

After successful instalments last year and earlier in January, this year’s five-day HSC drama performance courses from NIDA Open will again offer students key tools that  they can utilise in their HSC, by exploring a variety of processes for the HSC Individual and Group Projects.

‘The course’s aim is to give students a toolkit which they can draw from during their HSC drama course of study,’ commented Kate Sherman, Program Manager, Schools. ‘Last year, the students developed performance skills each morning in acting, movement, voice, character, improvisation, physical theatre, text analysis and text interpretation. They also worked daily on improving audience contact, stage presence and focus during performance. This will be the case for 2018 as well.’

In the Group Performance Component, the students have the opportunity to put these skills into context creating devised performances. They are also given practical strategies for composing their pieces and ways in which to hone the dramaturgy of the works. There is an opportunity to create group performances and perform them in the workshop context.

‘The group work is all about collaboration and thinking outside the box when workshopping ideas with lots of opportunity to discuss their practice, and offer advice on how to approach the dynamics of a group devised project,’ said Peter Mountford, a Teaching Artist on the course.

Over five days, the students also explore different techniques and methodologies for approaching the Individual Project and have the opportunity to explore a couple of texts and perform them to the group with a feedback session that follows.

‘A massive thank you to the team at NIDA for giving me this experience and making each second worth my while. I loved every moment and I was so incredibly sad to leave. A big thank you goes out to Peter Mountford for all his hard work and the time and effort he spent in making me better. I could not have asked for a better teacher and mentor. I will definitely be back at NIDA for more courses,’ commented 2017 course student Danielle Panayi.

We are offering this workshop again in April and October. You can find all of the information and how to book here.