Principal Partner ARA supports Indigenous students

26 August 2020

NIDA would like to acknowledge the generous support of ARA Group who have pledged to assist our Indigenous students with three scholarships.

These new scholarships build on the existing support ARA provides as NIDA’s Principal Partner for Property Services. This support contributes to enriching students’ education and training.

The ARA scholarships will benefit Indigenous students already studying at NIDA in the Bachelor of Fine Arts courses. This outstanding commitment is extremely valuable in enabling emerging Indigenous creative artists to undertake their studies, and take full advantage of opportunities at NIDA.

NIDA is most grateful to ARA Managing Director Edward Federman, who said: 'It is with great pleasure that ARA is able to provide support to NIDA. ARA is committed to supporting the Arts, particularly at a time when such funding is at a premium.

‘Consistent with ARA's Reconciliation Action Plan, we are especially pleased to provide scholarships to NIDA's Indigenous students.'